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You are going to learn from a team of entrepreneurs who have put in the work and who know what it takes to succeed.

Don Shade is a Serial Entrepreneur, a Master Team Builder, and a Wealth Coach. Don coaches people how to invest in real estate and how to generate wealth through multiple streams of income. 

While life with cerebral palsy kept him from doing physical work, his keen intelligence devised a roadmap custom designed to accelerate results through building teams of people to support his myriad projects. By implementing his systems, Don's clients fast-track the achievement of their financial goals to create even more success.

Laura Noel is an Executive Business and Personal Development Consultant who works with organizations and individuals to help stretch their thinking in a way that opens them up to new possibilities.

Laura knows how to get to the root cause of results and helps clients remove mindset blocks that keep them from realizing their true potential, purpose, life-long dreams, and legacy.

Dominique Fraser is a Business Mentor and Online Success Strategist. As the founder of SUBLIM GROUP, Dominique completely revolutionized her field in the digital economy market, elevating her company to the ranks of internationally recognized change agents.

Since 2010, she has led experienced entrepreneurs to turn their greatest gifts into a global business. 

Kris Hutchinson is the team's Systems and Automation Master. Kris is your one-stop online marketing expert. 

Businesses and entrepreneurs hire him to create paint by number digital marketing strategies that convert clicks into customers. His simple-to-use system creates funnels that move traffic from an initial download to be lifetime customers.

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